Prospective organizers of Special Sessions at ISWCS 2015 are invited to submit their proposals (download template) no later than February 27, 2015, by e-mail to the Special Sessions chair:

Rodrigo de Lamare, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special Session proposals at ISWCS 2015 aim at addressing topics in emerging areas of wireless communications that are not covered in regular sessions or could complement them. Special Session proposals should have at most 3 organizers. The criteria for the assessment of proposals will be, among others:

- quality and timeliness;

- originality

- ability to attract key researchers of the community as speakers to the session.

Decisions about the acceptance of the Special Session proposals will be sent to the organizers very shortly after the submission deadline.

During the Symposium, Special Sessions will be interwoven with regular sessions. Each Special Session will typically be around one hour and forty minutes long, and consist of 5 oral presentations. Other formats may be possible and should be discussed with the Special Session Chair.

Each paper of the Special Session will be submitted according to the regular submission deadlines, and be subject to peer reviewing. It is the duty of the Special Session organizers to invite the speakers, secure their presence, select the reviewers, and manage the review process (with the same deadline and review system as those of the regular papers). The acceptancedecisions will be made by the organizers together with the TPC Chairs. One of the organizers is expected to chair the session.

The organizer(s) and the speakers will be required to register and to attend the conference. There is no fee waiver, neither coverage of any cost for the organizers or the speakers.